Yes! You can add multiple filters to a List view webpart

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Have you recently tried to apply filters from the Column Header dropdowns in any list!!!!

(After the SP2, the Column header drop downs now have the unique list field values to select and filter list items)

Try it, and see the reflected URL in the browser –

Something like this – “http://xx /test/SalesContactNewUI_Test.aspx?View={FB06F5EA-EDD3-433A-9FF4-C2CBEB88FF60}&FilterField1=Line%5Fx0020%5Fof%5Fx0020%5FBusiness&FilterValue1=Auto%20Dealer%20Commercial%20Services&FilterField2=Country&FilterValue2=Europe”

The highlighted parameters in the above URL can be utilized to apply a filter on any List view webpart.

Let’s pick the same business scenario as in my previous post .

Get your dropdowns data bounded to the look up lists, add the resp list webpart to the page and add the JavaScript method for the button click event.

Though it’s a pretty quick way of doing, we would miss the flexibility data views provide.

JavaScript –

function ApplyFilter(event)


var DropDownFilter1 = getTagFromIdentifierAndTitle(’select’,’DropDownFilter1′,”);

var Filter1 = DropDownFilter1.value;

var DropDownFilter2 = getTagFromIdentifierAndTitle(’select’,’DropDownFilter2′,”);

var Filter2 = DropDownFilter2.value;

var url = “http://” + + document.location.pathname;

              if(Filter1 != “All ” && Filter2 != “All “)


  document.location.href = url +”?View={FB06F5EA-EDD3-433A-9FF4-C2CBEB88FF60}&FilterField1=Line%5Fx0020%5Fof%5Fx0020%5FBusiness&FilterValue1=” +Filter1 +”&FilterField2=Name&FilterValue2=” +Filter2 ;


             if(Filter1 != “All ” && Filter2 == “All “)


   document.location.href = url +”?View={FB06F5EA-EDD3-433A-9FF4-C2CBEB88FF60}&FilterField1=Line%5Fx0020%5Fof%5Fx0020%5FBusiness&FilterValue1=” +Filter1 ;


             if(Filter1 == “All ” && Filter2 != “All “)


   document.location.href = url +”?View={FB06F5EA-EDD3-433A-9FF4-C2CBEB88FF60}&FilterField1=Name&FilterValue1=” +Filter2 ;


             if(Filter1 == “All ” && Filter2 == “All “)


 document.location.href = url;


 return false;



function getTagFromIdentifierAndTitle(tagName, identifier, title)


var len = identifier.length;

var tags = document.getElementsByTagName(tagName);

for (var i=0; i < tags.length; i++)


var tempString = tags[i].id;

if (tags[i].title == title && (identifier == “” || tempString.indexOf(identifier) == tempString.length – len))


return tags[i];



return null;



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2 Responses to “Yes! You can add multiple filters to a List view webpart”

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It is a good post…BUT i have a slightly different problem…I want to filter like “select all where Field1=’a’ or ‘b'”…
I am not to achieve this…Kindly suggest any way to achieve this…

Thanks a lot in anticipation!!!

Did u look into the other post where you can have mutiple filters using a data view webpart that approach you will need to define two data sources seperately for the same column and apply the filter. Also the customization you are looking would be more easy & flexible with sharepoint search capability.

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    Xperiments n Xperiences. For the Last 5 years I have been providing variuos portal solutions (SharePoint focused) to my clients and now I intend to publish few of those solutions 'Not As It Is', which might help you. – Mash


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